Archiving and Repository

At the International Journal of Data Science, we support the wide dissemination and accessibility of scholarly work. This Repository Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which authors can deposit their works in various repositories, ensuring alignment with our open-access ethos and the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license we publish.

Types of Repositories Permitted for Deposit

Authors are encouraged to deposit their manuscripts in the following types of repositories:

  • Institutional Repositories: Managed by academic, government, or research institutions.
  • Subject-Specific Repositories: Repositories that cater to specific scientific or academic disciplines.
  • General Repositories: Such as Zenodo, Figshare, and others that accept scholarly outputs across multiple disciplines.

Versions of Manuscript Permitted for Deposit

Authors may deposit different versions of their manuscripts as follows:

  • Preprint: The original version of the manuscript submitted to the journal before peer review.
  • Postprint (Author’s Accepted Manuscript): The accepted version of the manuscript after peer review but before the final typesetting and formatting by the journal.
  • Publisher’s Version/PDF (Version of Record): The final, formatted version as published on our website.

Timing of Deposit

  • Preprints can be deposited before, during, and after the peer review.
  • Postprints can be deposited immediately upon acceptance.
  • Publisher’s Version can be deposited immediately upon publication, without any embargo period.

Licensing of Deposited Manuscripts

All deposited manuscripts must adhere to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. This license allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon the work, even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under identical terms. Authors should ensure that the deposited versions carry the correct citation and a link to the original publication on the journal's website.

Compliance with Funding Agency Mandates

Our policy is designed to comply with major funding agencies' open-access mandates. Authors are responsible for ensuring that manuscript deposits meet the requirements of their funding bodies.

Use of Persistent Identifiers

We strongly encourage using persistent identifiers (e.g., DOIs provided by the journal) in the deposited manuscripts. This ensures that each version of the manuscript is easily traceable and citable.

Citation of Deposited Manuscripts

Deposited manuscripts should be cited as follows:

  • For preprints and post-prints: Authors should cite the DOI and the manuscript's status (preprint or postprint), including a direct link to the version of the record on the journal’s website.
  • For the publisher’s version: The citation should include the DOI, which links directly to the published article on our website.

Monitoring Compliance

IJoDS periodically reviews compliance with this repository policy as part of our commitment to supporting scholarly work's ethical and open dissemination. Non-compliance may lead to discussions with authors and, if necessary, notification to the repositories and funding agencies.

For Further Information

Authors with questions about this policy or those needing assistance with the deposit process should contact the IJoDS editor.